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By Philip A. Hastings, Grantly R. Galland

There are greater than 33,000 species of residing fishes, accounting for greater than half the extant vertebrate variety on the earth. This certain and accomplished reference showcases the fundamental anatomy and variety of all eighty two orders of fishes and greater than one hundred fifty of the main more often than not encountered households, concentrating on their unique features.

exact id of every workforce, together with its distinguishing features, is supported with transparent pictures of preserved specimens, essentially from the files of the Marine Vertebrate assortment at Scripps establishment of Oceanography. This diagnostic info is supplemented through radiographs, extra illustrations of rather diversified lineages, and key references and ecological details for every group.

a terrific better half to fundamental ichthyology texts, Fishes: A consultant to Their Diversity supplies a vast evaluation of fish morphology prepared in a latest class process for college kids, fisheries scientists, marine biologists, vertebrate zoologists, and daily naturalists. This survey of the main speciose workforce of vertebrates in the world will extend the appreciation of and curiosity within the awesome range of fishes.

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They're present in all aquatic habitats occupied by way of vertebrates and diversity drastically in physique dimension from a tiny species of the gobiiform genus Schindleria that grows now not than 1 cm (and ca zero. 7 mg) and spends its complete brief existence within the plankton, to the Oarfish (Regalecus) that grows to over eight m in size, to the sea Sunfish (Mola mola) that weighs as much as 2,300 kg. Given this huge, immense range, it isn't superb that the crowd is tough to signify morphologically. Extant actinopterygians have enlarged basal parts within the pectoral fins and fused basal components within the pelvic fins (Lauder and Liem, 1983; Patterson, 1982). Early lineages (i. e. , non-teleosts) have a unmarried dorsal fin (variously misplaced or divided in lots of) and ganoid scales (variously misplaced or transformed in such a lot species). a number of reports (e. g. , Faircloth et al. , 2013; Hurley et al. , 2007; Inoue et al. , 2003; Lauder and Liem, 1983) have tested the relationships one of the significant lineages of the Actinopterygii. fifty five Hypothesized phylogenetic relationships of the early lineages of actinopterygians (after Faircloth et al. , 2013). Actinopterygii I decrease Ray-finned Fishes POLYPTERIFORMES: POLYPTERIDAE—​Bichirs variety: 1 relatives, 2 genera, 12 species consultant GENERA : Erpetoichthys ( = Calamoichthys), Polypterus DISTRIBUTION : Africa HABITAT: Freshwater; tropical; demersal over tender bottoms feedback : Bichirs are regarded as the sister crew of all different actinopterygians, showing many particular characters. All bichirs have lungs, an intestinal spiral valve, a skeleton of more often than not cartilage, and a uniquely divided dorsal fin. Pelvic fins are found in so much species yet absent in a single (Erpetoichthys calabaricus). Bichirs are carnivorous and feed on different POLYPTERIFORM features : 1) 5 to eighteen dorsal finlets, each one with a unmarried backbone and a number of smooth rays 2 ) 4 gill arches 3 ) spiracles huge 4 ) gular plates 5 ) branchiostegal rays absent 6 ) ganoid scales 7 ) maxilla fused to cranium ILLUSTRATED SPECIMEN: Polypterus palmas, CU 87580, 126 mm TL fifty seven fishes, mollusks, and crustaceans. they're constrained to Africa, are identified to arrive lengths of as much as ninety cm, and are frequently noticeable within the aquarium exchange. REFERENCES : Britz and Johnson, 2003; Daget et al. , 2001; Gayet et al. , 2002; Gosse, 1984, 1988. ACIPENSERIFORMES—​Sturgeons and Paddlefishes The sturgeons and paddlefishes are an historic lineage of fishes that developed within the Permian over 250 million years in the past. They and the Polypteriformes have a posh mix of qualities now not visible in different ray-finned fishes together with a heterocercal tail, skeleton of typically cartilage, and spiral valve within the gut. additionally, the Acipenseriformes have a well-developed rostrum, lack an opercle, have a discounted or absent preopercle, and absence branchiostegal rays. the crowd contains households, six genera, and 28 extant species. dwelling acipenseriforms are limited to the Northern Hemisphere the place they inhabit coastal parts and massive river structures (Bemis et al.

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