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By Molly Aloian

This ebook is meant for a long time 4-8. There are over 1000000 species of bugs residing on the earth, and all bugs have comparable our bodies. during this ebook, young ones will research the most important actual gains of bugs and the significance of every physique half. Close-up photos and obviously categorized illustrations aid to provide an explanation for: an insect's 3 major physique sections; different varieties of insect mouth-parts; how bugs use their eyes and antennae; why and the way bugs moult as they develop; and the way bugs flow.

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II. identify. QL494. A46 2005 571. 3'157--dc22 2005000493 LC released in Canada Crabtree Publishing released within the usa Crabtree Publishing released within the uk Crabtree Publishing released in Australia Crabtree Publishing3 616 Welland Ave. St. Catharines, Ontario L2M 5V6 PMB 59051 350 5th road, 59th ground long island, big apple 10118 Maritime residence Basin highway North, Hove BN41 1WR Charles road Coburg North VIC, 3058 C ontents such a lot of bugs! bugs are arthropods No backbones 3 physique sections Insect eyes antennae Mouthparts Six legs Wings for flying Insect foodstuff whole adjustments growing to be wings Hiding from predators bugs or no longer? Insect scavenger hunt word list and Index four 6 eight 10 12 thirteen 14 sixteen 18 20 22 24 26 28 30 32 So many bugs! fleas bugs are animals. there are numerous varieties of bugs. bugs don't all glance a similar. a few bugs are tiny. Others are colossal. bugs additionally are available in assorted shapes and colours. a few bugs are proven on those pages. what number of those bugs are you aware? ants silverfish ladybug four Insects with wings Many bugs have wings. Butterflies and mosquitoes are bugs that experience wings. different bugs don't have wings. identify the entire bugs on those pages that experience wings. dragonfly wasp butterflies mosquitoes five Insects are arthropods bugs belong to an immense staff of animals referred to as arthropods. The our bodies of arthropods are made of small components known as segments. The segments are joined jointly. examine this blue wasp’s leg. The leg is made from 5 segments which are joined jointly. three four 1 2 five 6 Joints that bend Arthropods have joints that bend. A joint is a spot the place physique components come jointly. Your knees and elbows are joints. Many arthropods have joints of their legs and ft, simply as you do. They movement their legs and toes via bending them on the joints. praying mantis were you aware? crab lobster There are multiple million different types of arthropods in the world. Crabs, spiders, and lobsters are arthropods, yet they don't seem to be bugs! tarantula 7 No backbones bugs are invertebrates. Invertebrates are animals that don't have backbones. A spine is a gaggle of bones in the midst of an animal’s again. rather than backbones, bugs have challenging coverings known as exoskeletons. Exoskeletons are made up of a difficult fabric referred to as chitin. bugs make chitin inside of their our bodies. eight Perfect defense An insect couldn't remain alive with out an exoskeleton! The exoskeleton protects an insect’s physique like a go well with of armor. It additionally protects an insect from predators. Predators are animals that hunt and consume different animals. An an insect’s entire physique. It even cov s r e v ers its o on c legs t e l a nd ke s o hea ex d. nine Three physique sections An insect’s physique has 3 major sections—a head, a thorax, and an stomach. each one part has very important components. antennae head the top The insect’s eyes and mouthparts are on its head. An insect additionally has antennae on its head. The insect makes use of its antennae to consider its manner round. eye The thorax The thorax is the center portion of an insect’s physique.

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