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By Eric R. Pianka

From tiny to huge, from drab to remarkably appealing, from risk free to venomous, lizards are incredible items of common choice. This publication, lavishly illustrated with colour images, is the 1st complete reference on lizards around the globe. available, scientifically updated, and written with contagious enthusiasm for the topic, Lizards: home windows to the Evolution of range covers species evolution, variety, ecology, and biology. Eric R. Pianka and Laurie J. Vitt have studied and photographed participants of just about all lizard households all over the world, and so they deliver to the booklet a deep wisdom in accordance with huge firsthand adventure with the animals of their ordinary habitats.

Part One explores lizard life, answering such questions as why lizards are lively after they are, why they behave as they do, how they stay away from predators, why they devour what they devour, and the way they reproduce and socialize. partially the authors take us on a desirable journey of the world's manifold lizard species, starting with iguanians, an evolutionary crew that incorporates probably the most extraordinary lizards, the genuine chameleons of Africa and Madagascar. We additionally meet the glass lizard, capable of holiday its tail into many hugely motile items to distract a predator from its physique; lizards that could run throughout water; and limbless lizards, equivalent to snakes. half 3 offers an unheard of international view of evolutionary traits that experience formed present-day lizard groups and considers the effect of people on their future.

A definitive source containing many interesting anecdotes, this fantastic publication opens a brand new window to the wildlife and the evolution of lifestyles on earth.

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