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By Stanley M. Burstein

This e-book offers the 1st entire background of Afro-Eurasia through the first millennium BCE and the start of the 1st millennium CE. The historical past of those 1300 plus years could be summed up in a single be aware: connectivity. the expansion in connectivity in this interval used to be marked by means of expanding political, financial, and cultural interplay through the quarter, and the alternative of the various political and cultural entities by way of a handful of serious empires on the finish of the interval. within the procedure, neighborhood cultural traditions have been changed via nice traditions rooted in lingua francas and unfold by means of formalized academic platforms.
This method all started with the cave in of the Bronze Age empires within the east and west, common inhabitants pursuits, and nearly persistent struggle all through Afro-Eurasia, whereas the cavalry revolution reworked the nomads of the primary Asian steppes into founders of tribal confederations assembled through charismatic leaders and protecting large territories. while, new inventive and highbrow routine seemed, together with the lessons of Socrates, Confucius, the Buddha, and Laozi. elevated literacy additionally allowed humans from quite a lot of social periods comparable to the Greek soldier Xenophon, the Indian Buddhist emperor Ashoka, the Roman emperor Marcus Aurelius, and elite ladies resembling the poetess Sappho, the Christian martyr Perpetua, and the coed Ban Zhao to create literary works.

When the interval resulted in three hundred CE, stipulations had replaced dramatically. Temperate Afro-Eurasia from the Atlantic to the Pacific was once ruled through a handful of empires--Rome, Sassanid Persia, and Jin Empire-that governed greater than part the world's inhabitants, whereas an in depth community of exchange routes certain them to Southeast and important Asia and Sub-Saharan Africa and made attainable the unfold of latest ebook dependent religions together with Christianity, Manichaeism, Zoroastrianism, and Buddhism, thereby environment the degree for the following millennium of Afro-Eurasian history.

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